Keg Collars and Tap Handels: Heretic Brewery

Keg Collars are a vital part of any breweries printing needs. Recently many states are requiring that these collars adhere to the keg; particularly if the kegs travel across state lines. Additionally it can be difficult to find a printer that caters to brewery owner needs. Recently InkdSpot was fortunate to be contacted  by Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewery

JZ was in need of some keg collars and later approached me about printing some vinyl that would fit perfectly to some stock bar taps he had found. JZ was kind enough to pass along some pictures of the collars and bar taps so that I could share them with other brewery owners. The collars are printed to a removable vinyl to make the removal of them easier. As for the bar taps, these were printed using a premium wrap vinyl, the same that is used to wrap vehicles, so that the installation could occur without the fear of bubbles.

Here are the pictures of the final products.